Matcha Ninja | Organic - Singles

100% Raw & Organic. Matcha Ninja's tea is a ceremonial grade organic matcha.

Unlike other matcha, it has a non-bitter, light taste and contains zero fillers. This premium taste and texture is achieved by Matcha Ninja's unique processing methods - they use carefully selected tencha leaves that are de-stemmed and finely ground longer than other regular matcha to allow for a more soluble and superior tasting matcha.

Each batch is independently tested for heavy metals and pesticides to bring you the best quality.

Matcha Ninja is easy to use because it is super soluble in cold or warm water, just add it to your water bottle, shake and go. No whisk needed.

10 Servings per box - each single serve is 1.5g.

Great for those that are on the go and to pack for traveling.

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Category: Matcha, Organic, Tea

Type: Tea

Vendor: Matcha Ninja

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