Province Apothecary Radiant Skin Master Class - June 6th

Experience Province Apothecary’s wildcrafted Canadian-made products at a Radiant Skin Master Class.

During this educational & hands-on workshop, April from Province Apothecary will be leading participants on how to transform their everyday skincare routine into an elevated experience, allowing them to get the greatest benefits from their products.

April will begin with a nighttime routine starting with a full face of makeup (we encourage you to come with yours on!) and will walk you through the products to use. We will then transition into doing a morning routine starting with the Natural Face Lift Routine developed by Province Apothecary founder Julie Clark. April will also discuss dry brushing your face and what products to use under your makeup. Attendants will leave the event with samples from Province Apothecary too!

When: Wednesday, June 6 from 6PM - 8PM

Where: LYNN STEVEN, 51 Powell Street

Cost: $20, which can be applied towards the purchase of products on the day of the workshop.

Workshop fees are NON REFUNDABLE. Workshops may be canceled due to low participation or unforeseen circumstances. Participants will be notified of time changes or cancellations with 3 days’ notice.